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Reiki Shrine & the History of Reiki in Our Office


Our historic building was the source of the world-wide teaching of Reiki energy healing. Hawayo Takata brought these teachings from Japan, operated her clinic here and taught this method to others.  


Mrs. Takata studied Reiki healing with Dr. Usui, the originator of this method of energy healing, in Japan. The tradition was lost there during the World War II but was preserved here in Hawaii by Mrs. Takata. She trained others who in turn spread these methods worldwide.


We have a small shrine upstairs in our office, where our massage division is located. This includes Mrs. Takata's old clinic sign, a local newspaper listing for her services and other related items. This link tells more about Mrs. Takata's Clinic Sign.


Numerous articles have appeared in reiki publications and websitesdescribing our office and the history of reiki healing in Hilo. As a result of this publicity, we host visitors from all over the planet, coming to commune with the spirit of Mrs. Takata. We have hosted several reiki training and practice events and some of the visiting Reiki Masters have been kind enough to enhance our shrine with physical and energetic donations.


All of our doctors, constantly doing hand-on treatment with all our patients, incorporate Reiki type energy healing into many of their everyday chiropractic and soft tissue manipulative methods.


We now have a regular Reiki therapist working in our office, available by appointment. She is available to serve our established patients and also to the general public. You can click the links to learn more about this energy healing approach: Reiki Therapy; and about our therapist, Barbara Garcia. Phone for an appointment, 959-4588.

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