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Chiropractic Adjustment


The mainstay of chiropractic treatment, adjustments remove irritation from the roots of the nerves exiting the spine. 


Allowing your brain to communicate better with all parts of your body, this aids in  restoring full, natural health and vitality. This flow of nerve energy, called "Innate Intelligence" by chiropractors, is your body's inborn, natural ability to properly regulate normal function. 


A variety of different techniques are employed, from extremely gentle stretching to more forceful thrusting, depending on your personal needs and preferences.


The classic chiropractic adjustment is done by hand, using a carefully controlled but dynamic thrust, to restore normal motion and positioning to a joint which is fixated or misaligned. This often results in a "cracking" sound which is associated with rapid relief. This stronger method of adjustment is enjoyed by most people but makes some patients apprehensive or uncomfortable.


For those with special sensitivity, the gentle Activator adjusting instrument is used to deliver an extremely light and rapid thrust, rather than standard manual methods. Another low force method known as "respiratory adjustment" uses a gentle rythmic pressure rather than any thrust at all.


Each of these procedures aims for the same result, restoration of normal joint motion and elimination of related nerve root pressure. The "art" of chiropractic includes finding the right approach for each different person and each unique situation.


Chiropractic adjustments are coupled with many other methods in our office- muscle balancing techniques, myofascial release, exercises, nutrition, massage therapy, physical therapies, etc. to aid your overall recovery and restoration.

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