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Nutritional Products


Only the highest quality products are used to aid in your health improvement. To order nutritional products through our dispensary, click here.


We carry several product lines which are prescribed on a specific and individualized basis by the doctor. You will not see nutritional supplements on display in our office like you do in a health food store or drug store, but we carry a large array of formulas which cannot be found elsewhere. 


These special products are designed to aid recovery from structural or visceral health problems. These formulas are unique and are available only through doctors' offices, not in stores. 


Our products are generally made available to our patients only, on the recommendation of our staff physicians. Certain nutritional items which we consider safe for most individuals may be available on request (without the doctor's prescription). This allows greater access to the special, physician formulas we have available.


Some of our professional product lines include: Standard Process Labs, Progressive Labs, Thorne Research, Anabolic Labs, Phytotherapy Research Labs, Karuna, Vital Nutrients, Nordic Naturals and Nutra Research.

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