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Physiologic Therapeutics


This refers to a variety of modalities and procedures which work to gently encourage healing through aiding or stimulating the body's own natural abilities. Many of these treatments are often called "physical therapy" but specific goals and treatment protocols may be different in our office from what you've experienced before. 


Heat and Cold are our most frequently therapies. These work directly on local muscle and connective tissues to aid in relaxation. Both may be effective for reduction of pain and muscle spasm, but their other effects can be different. Raising or lowering the skin temperature will have different effects on the nervous system and the circulation. The best approach for your circumstance depends on the age and severity of your condition, the degree of muscle tension, the extent of your pain and many other factors.


Therapeutic Ultrasound is a deep heating modality which is applied for pain control, to break up chemical deposits, to speed local healing and metabolism, to increase circulation and to soften connective tissue creating greater flexibility and elasticity. The high frequency sound waves of ultrasound therapy provide a "micro-massage" deep within the tissues and generate deep heat by increased molecular motion. Because the heat is generated deep in the tissues, there is often only a mild warming sensation at the skin surface. When heat is undesirable, pulsed ultrasound may provide the other effects alone.


Electrical Stimulation involves use of various low level currents to stimulate body responses. Our nerves and muscles both have electrical functions and respond to differnt types of currents. Muscles may be stimulated to contract (and relax). Nerves may be made more sensitive or pain may be blocked by varying currents. Changes in location of electrode pads, current frequency, wave form and strength all affect what this treatment will do.


Also sometimes included under Physiological Therapeutics are some other treatment approaches which have been listed separately under Our Services. These include Cold Laser Therapy, Massage TherapyExercise & RehabKinesio Taping and Graston Technique.

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