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Sports Medicine


Sports Medicine is the specialty of enhancing and perfecting human performance. We have been doing this since long before this "specialty" had a name.


We can help with your golf, paddling, soccer, softball, martial arts, dance or other activities. We also improve performance for housework, yardwork and for the "industrial athlete". Helping injuries heal rapidly and fully and getting the most out of what you've got is what we're all about.


Orthopedic training, Function Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Active Release and Graston Techniques, Kinesiotaping, Chiropractic Adjustment and Systemic Health Improvement combine to provide the quickest return to activity and the best performance results.


For many activities, our flexible custom foot orthotics from the Foot Levelers company can substantally boost performance and improve overall structural health.


Additional benefits come from Massage Therapy, Rehabilitative Exercise, Physiological Therapeutics, Nutritional Therapy and judicious use of select Orthopedic Supports. 


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