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Custom Orthotics by Foot Levelers


Custom orthotics individually formed, based on a digital scan of your feet, these are absolutely the best foot supports available anywhere! 


As a performance enhancer or to correct problems in the foot, ankle, knee or back, results can be dramatic. Proper foot support can change the alignment of knees, hips and pelvis and improve the function of the entire spine.


These are the ONLY product made to support all three of the arches in your foot- medial, lateral and metatarsal. Composed of specialized layers of leather and foam, they are flexible so they move with your foot, unlike the rigid plastic devices promoted by some other doctors. As a result, they're both more effective and far more comfortable.


The Foot Levelers company provides a variety of options in your orthotic. Extra layers can be built in for greater softness, more rebound, improved dryness, etc. Special models are designed for golfing, industrial workers, women's dress shoes, and more.


Foot Levelers also offers a line of sandals with your custom made orthotics built into the footbed.


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