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Orthopedic Supplies


We carry a variety of special supports and appliances designed to relieve physical stresses. These may be used to aid recovery from injury &/or to prevent future problems.

Some of the most popular include: 



THE HAPPY SLEEPER- We make this unique pillow ourselves! Designed by Dr. Klein and produced by Carol West, this offers the Best Possible Support for neck, shoulders and upper back for restful sleep and comfortable awakenings. Reduces headache, arm tingling, neck stiffness and other neck related symptoms which may occur in the morning or during sleep times. This pillow is intended for sleeping on the back and/or on the sides.



THE HAPPY ROLL- Also our custom made product, this smaller and more portable cousin to the Happy Sleeper is useful for those who sleep mainly on the back. It us also useful for travel.


HI-BAK SUPPORT- This inexpensive cushion fits behind the back and supports the entire spine when sitting or driving. It maintains a low-stress alignment so you get up feeling fine after prolonged sitting. Its smaller cousin, the LO-BAK SUPPORT, provides lumbar support only, but is easy for travelers, students and others to carry with them.


CERVICAL TRACTION UNITS- These are used to restore the normal curvature and alignment of the neck. Simple, low tech devices, they are designed for daily home use to provide lasting, long term spinal corrections.


LOW BACK SUPPORT BELTS- High quality belts which restrict improper bending and relieve stress on spinal muscles. Because these limit full motion, they are recommended to use only for a limited time, during recovery. These are far superior to the widely used "industrial back belts".


CARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTS & TENNIS ELBOW SUPPORTS- These special items protect sensitive areas to allow normal healing. Corrective treatment to relieve nerve pressure and restore muscle function is essential in conjunction with their use.


LATERAL KNEE STABILIZERS- A unique chiropractic design, these apply pressure and support at both sides of the knee, easing the strain on supporting ligaments and muscles during activity. Applied Kinesiology treatment to strengthen knee muscles is generally recommended along with use of this type of support.


COCCYX SUPPORT PILLOWS- Our special donut pillows, made from a firm foam, reduces pressure on the sacrum and coccyx during sitting at work, at home or in the car. With correct adjustments and this support, most cases of coccyx pain will recover.


MANY MORE SPECIAL ITEMS- Different conditions require a variety of physical aids. We maintain an inventory of the best supplies for a wide range of structural problems.


FOOT LEVELERS- These custom made orthotics are the very best foot support you can have. Click here to learn more about them.

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