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Image by Katherine Hanlon


Acupuncture treatment is administered by inserting fine needles into the skin at specific points along the pathway of energy in order to restore balance and harmony to the body. This vital energy, or Qi (pronounced chee) moves through the body in precise channels supporting the functions of the body, mind and spirit.

When Qi energy is obstructed or moving disharmoniously, the resulting imbalance begins to surface in the form of specific symptoms. To assess the flow of your Qi energy, the practitioner will feel and listen to various parts of your body. In the process, their hands may or may not come in contact with your skin. Treatment points will be found based on assessment of Qi and the channels flow and quality. Reassessment follows after the needling of those points. In this way, treatment becomes a part of assessment, assessment a part of treatment. The whole process is like a dialogue between your body and the practitioner.

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