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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is another main modality of East Asian medicine. In many cases, herbal medicine would be an effective option for restoring the proper circulation in the body. The purpose of the herbal remedies in East Asian medicine is not to suppress the manifestation of illness, but rather to bring the body into harmony, thereby eliminating the cause of dis-ease.

Dr. Joon's approach of Chinese herbal medicine can be summed up as “treating according to pattern” as Han Dynasty’s Zhang Zhongjing, the ancestor of Chinese herbal medicine, described. Pattern can be defined as a consistent repeatable characteristic set of signs and symptoms that can be treated with specific herbs and formulas. Subtle yet prolonged patterns often manifest as an individual’s constitutional traits. In assessment of the pattern, he palpates the patient's various areas of body, including the abdomen, asks specific questions, and takes the patient’s constitutional traits into account. Then, he prescribes an appropriate formula, a synergistic combination of herbs, to the corresponding pattern of the person.

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