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Reiki Therapy


Reiki (ray-key) is a form of natural healing that flows through the hands of the practitioner in a powerful and concentrated form, activating the body's own natural ability to heal itself.


Reiki goes to the deepest level where many illnesses orignate. It releases blocked energy and helps to create a state of energetic balance. The Reiki treatment is often experienced as gentle, relaxing and meditative. It can achieve dramatic results, when that is the client's goal. During treatment, the recipient typically lies on a massage table, remaining full clothed, so its best to wear comfortable, loose clothing. The practitioner lightly places his or her hands in various positions across the body, with no pressure exerted. This means Reiki can benefit anyone who can lay or sit relatively still for an hour.


The stories handed down about Reiki say that it is similar to the method Jesus used when he performed "laying on of hands". 

There is no religion connected to Reiki- it's available to anyone who is open to it, regardless of spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs.


Benefits of Reiki include:

~ Stress Reduction

~ Pain alleviation

~ Deep emotional healing

~ Clearing and Balancing the body's energy system

~ Accelerates physical healing

~ Assists deep and restful sleep

~ Supports holistic and allopathic treatments

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