Barbara Garcia


Barbara Garcia began her life in southern California where she grew up in the Los Angeles Harbor area. She moved from one harbor town to another landing in Kona in 2003. In her first 10 years on Hawaii Island, she has lived in North Kona, North Kohala, North Hilo and now, in South Hilo. In addition to doing Reiki, Barbara publishes Ke Ola Magazine, on both Hawaii Island and Maui. Barbara is married and has one daughter, a licensed esthetician.


Details of Baraba's reiki training are listed below:


Reiki Levels 1 - 3, Infinite Breath, 1990- 2002,

Venice, CA; Diane Vaughn Burkinshaw, instructor 


Reiki Leverls 1-3 + advanced training, 2002-03,

Cerritos Community College, CA; Judith Billson, instructor


Touch for Health, Kinesiology Institute, 2003,

San Diego, CA; John Maguire, instructor


Barbara is a Certified Reiki Master, including Karuna and Angel Reiki. As a student of holistic health since the 1980's, Barbara has also studied many other modalities and also holds a certificate in specialized kinesiology, called Touch for Health. Barbara combines her education and experience to offer a complete energy balancing session. 


Barbara received her first Reiki certification in the early 1990's and progressed into the advanced levels over the years. When she decided to pursue it professionally, she felt it would benefit her to have a second certification from an accredited college, so she started all over when a Holistic Healing program was offered by Cerritos Community College in southern California, finishing in 2003.


Shortly thereafter, she was inspired to sign up for the Kinesiology Institute's training in Touch for Health, because she and her family had experienced profound physical healing from this technique.